This website is dedicated to posts on Kalampattu of Kallat style. We venture to popularize an age-old cultural practise that is confined to its performance context owing to its religious origin. We hope to spread awareness about this ritual art and preserve it in the minds of people with an appetite for art forms. As the first step, we launched this website on 24 January, 2012. A public platform like internet will help us to share information and people to get access to them. This site is regularly upadated with ethnographic descriptions, performance photographs and videographs, bites and interviews of Kalampattu artists as well as experts in the field (both academic and nonacademic).


About us :

Our team :

                                      The patron of this website is Mr. K S Manikandan (Kalampattu artist and Chairman of CKSR).   Data collection, performance documentation and updation of this site designed by Mr Sarath Kannath, Guruvayur is done by  

Mr Harikrishnan Kallat (Kalmpattu artist).

                                      Centre for Kalampattu Studies and Research (CKSR) was established in 2012 with the same concern. The headquarters of CKSR is at Kattakampal. CKSR undertakes seminars, workshops, ritual performances, training to artists and facilitates research in Kalampattu among other activities channelized towards enriching the ritual practice. Every year in the month of September or October CKSR hosts an award ceremony to honor Kalampattu artists.
The awards are given away in the following categories.....


 Dhoolichithra puraskaram...etc